School Mission

Franklin Middle School supports the development of academic excellence, developmental responsiveness and social equity for all students. Academic excellence expands upon the skills and knowledge successfully attained in the elementary educational experience with the goal of preparing students for success in and beyond high school. 

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Built in 1953, Franklin was opened as a junior high school at 817 North Harris Street. In 1982, it became Franklin Magnet Middle School with an emphasis on enhanced opportunities in math, science, and the performing arts. In 2004-05 after a new elementary feeder school plan was developed, Franklin was no longer designated as a “magnet” school. All three middle schools implemented a similar curriculum. Franklin now houses a culturally diverse population of over 600 students. Franklin is committed to excellence as evidenced by two national recognitions/awards: NASSP’s National Breakthrough Schools and Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) National Demonstration Site (since 2011). Franklin embraces and celebrates diversity while focusing on social equity and academic excellence for all. Franklin has a strong school spirit and “Knight Pride” is exuded in everything we do.